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I'd like to get a couple of plants for either side of my front door.  It faces south east but is quite shady because of various bushes and several large trees.

Can any of you lovely people suggest something?

Many thanks

Couple of conifers like Taxus Standishii, or Camelias or dwarf azaleas/rhododendrons. For scent Daphne's ....daphne odoraaureomarginata, an evergreen one......or choisya, Mexican,orange blossom, also evergreen
hollie hock

I have two lovely ferns in pots either side of my backdoor. It's a fairly shady spot but gets dappled shade.


From a couple of years ago, the rest of the plants have gone but the two ferns are still there.


Are we talking about plants in tubs (if so have you an idea of size tub) or are you going to plant in the ground?  How much space around them do you have?

Do you want something with some height?  

What would suit your house - something formal or more cottagey, or contemporary?

Sorry, not totally clear.

They would need to be in tubs (no more than 30cm diameter I think).  Height would be quite nice.  House is a 70s box so it would need to be a bit contemporary.

I like bay trees (the lollipop type),  Would they be any good?

Thank you for the other suggstions...




Oooh!!!  We have a stylish late 60s/early 70s  St Ives School influenced box 

Lollipop bays are lovely but expensive and everyone has one (or even two) - if you want to show that you've really considered the architectural style of your home go for Phormium (New Zealand flax) - lots of colours to choose from, in a cube or a wide inverted cone-shaped bowl 

V stylish. V contemporary 

Sorry about the link - I've tried to make it behave, but it has it's own view about these things 

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