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Does anyone have ideas on what plants to put in the garden, as we have had 2 floods in one month!   Some plants have survived - eg. shrubs, trees, fruit canes, helebores.


 How long have you lived there?  Does it flood most winters or is this down to the exceptional year we've had?  


I'd wait and see if it's a regular flood plain Tina. I've got one this year but never before. We haven't had exceptional weather recently.

 all that water is grass not the pond.

If you plant for wet soil and it all dries out for years you'll lose a lot of plants


That is to say we HAVE had exceptional weather. 


If you really have permanent wet soil here is a list of plants that like it - astilbe, hosta, ligularia, rodgersia, eupatorium, lythrum, lobelia cardinalis, persicaria superbum, candlabra primulas and the enormous gunnera.


We've lived here for 3 years, and it was the first time the garden had flooded, but we do live in a flood plain.   So I need an idea of plants that can live in both dry and wet!



shrubs in wet side

plants in wet side ,Look at this two pages, many people have this problem, but is not ta real problem I think. We live in flood and drought in one year, we have to accept this fact and react to this if necessary. Best luck, ThaiGer.


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