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Muvs Dashwood

I have a smallish sheltered garden and the vast majority of my plants are grown for bees and butterfly etc but I also like things with a lot of scent. A gardener mentioned Meadowsweet on another thread so I have bought some seeds for that but I would like to know what others grow for scent and perhaps I could find some space in my garden for more plants .

I already grow;

Night scented stock. Messy but glorious.

Philadelphus - 3 varieties so far but Belle Etoile is the most scented I could find.

Heliotrope - Cherry pie?

Honeysuckle about 6 different ones but all still small.

Old roses but would like some really strongly scented ones.

Jasmine - Clotted but still small.

Armanii - clematis.

Sweet Williams, pinks and lavender too.

I don't have a greenhouse so everything has to be hardy, selfseeding or die but I Iive in South Devon so frosts aren't very hard if we get them at all.


Sarcococca for winter, small, evergreen and wonderful scent.



I love the rose; Compassion, and in Devon it would flower till Christmas - it did every year in my London garden.


Meadowsweet likes damp conditions. The scent can gat a little sickening - too sweet!

Pennine Petal
Rosa rugosa good for scent. Nicotiana, lavender and marjoram. I love the scent of heliotrope. Wallflowers for the spring and Cheerfulness.


Moonlit Hare
Can't beat lavender or rosemary as far as I'm concerned, I love the smell as you brush past and the bees can't get enough lavender in our back garden

I love David Austin English roses, old rose flowers and strong scent but repeat flowering and good disease resistance. 

Muvs Dashwood

I have some nicotiana for next year which I haven't grown before and I have a dampish area for the meadowsweet so thanks for that advice, luckily it is further away. I am going to look up the Compassion rose too. Thank you all.


Phlox have a lovely scent and are perennial. The white one gives the most scent in my garden. Also Brompton Stock, I grow these from seed and the scent is wonderful. Night Phlox are another one that have the most delicious scent in the evenings and are much tidier than night scented stock which I also grow. Hope this helps.

Alina W

If you have room, mahonia blossom is sweetly scented in January, when little else is about.

Daphnes.....I grow different varieties. A newish one called Eternal Fragrance is fantastic. It flowers almost non-stop. For me it flowered from early summer til now. Evergreen, compact and the! Grow in the garden or in a pot.
Highland Jeannie
Wonder Witch wrote (see)

Rosa rugosa good for scent.

I think there must be different types of this; in our last garden a bush of this smelled absolutely divine so got a couple of bareroots for this garden- what a disappointment!  No scent at all .  I think they'll be freecycled for anyone who's making a hedge.  They've grown brilliantly though, with lovely hips!!

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