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I try to plant as much as I can for summer scent Usually, heliotrope, regal lilies, phlox, night stocks. Any favourites for summer scent?

Nicotiana affinis, Eleagnus umbellata and angustifolia, some of the herbaceous clematis, Dianthus 'Mrs. Sinkins' How many am I allowed?

Glad ??ou mentioned dear old mrs sinkins. Old, old variety. Shaggy....bit untidy...but still usurpassed for fragrance. As many as you want nut.

You absolutely MUST have Hesperis Matronalis (Sweet Rocket) - it casts its perfume on the air and it's so fragrant that it stops you dead in your tracks and you look around to see where it's coming from (and wonderful for attracting pollinating insects and the host plant for orange tip butterflies too) 

It loves damp semi-shade and self-seeds 


i have a weakness for mock orange.....easy to grow too.



Sweet peas, especially "Cupani" summer jasmine, especially the pink one.  The yellow fowering current is very sweet smelling unlike the pink one.

Oh and of course lots of lavender.


Have a lot of mock orange J as, from one shrub given to me by my Dad many years ago, I now have about 6, most down one side where the new fence is going up.  I just love the smell and it's a lovely looking shrub too, IMO.

Agree with mock,orange. Forgot hesperis Dove, ESP the white one....must try and get a few.

Some of the scents from my roses just keep you tied to the garden.

Honeysuckle. Especially the one over my door.
I really meant annuals or perennials for summer scent.....nicotiana. For example?

baskets of trailing petunias near the front door greeet you with a lovely sweet perfume whenever you walk through.

That's true m0rce
I had purple surfinias one year and the scent was intoxicating

Oriental Lily of all colours is a must have for summer scent!

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