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Please help! I have recently started a job as a TA in a local school and I have been asked to plant up a couple of large planters in our outside area. I'd like each planter to have all year round interest however the plants I choose can't be toxic or have berries. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


What about some 'sensory' plants?  Some herbs like rosemary, sage, thyme and different mints - all of them smell good when you touch them, also lavender and Lad's Love (artemesia).  You can get different coloured sages and thymes, purples, golds and silvers to vary the planting, and most of them (well, all of them except the mint) will stay in leaf over the winter - and the mint will reappear every year. 

Thank you, great idea - I have rosemary in my garden and I've just googled how to propagate that - wish me luck! J

choisya ternata...evergreen, mound forming, leaves smell of bay and flowers of orange and vanilla.  id plant both planters this way.  crocus, daffodils, tulips and snowdrops to welcome the spring

Thank you. J


 Please can anyone tell me what this plant is? I inherited it from a neighbour and want to know how to propagate it. J

Thank you. J

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