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My window boxes were a nightmare last year - few flowers, then just rotting plants in all the rain, which I then removed -couldn't bear to look at them. Can anyone advise me as which plants would be good in the boxes - they are on a wall in partial shade. I would like to keep them pratical with some evergreens interspersed with flowers but am a novice to this and not sure what will thrive without getting too big too quickly.


It was a bad year all round -just not enough sunshine

I don't think I would go for evergreens at all- sounds a bit boring to be looking at the same thing all the time

In a few weeks violas/ pansies will be available for a bit of Spring colour

In the Summer-spoilt for choice really-impatiens -if available-petunias begonias-pelargoniums-loads more-that don't get too high-some need a bit of sun

I think the key is to keep ringing the changes-and replace compost ever time

I have window boxes, I find zonal geraniums always do well for me even with the never ending rain we have had, and also pansies. I have winter flowering pansies in no which are just starting to take off again.

A few years ago I visited Capel Manor and noticed that they underplanted a lot of their baskets with attractive Ivy, to give a nice backdrop. I often steal this idea to give a container a bit of evergreen colour. 

I thought the  secret to boxes and baskets is to use plants that are already in full flower rather than to bring them along. Have you considered Salvias or Fuchsias? I went to the GC this week and they were selling spring bulbs half price

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