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Hello everyone! I'm new on the forums and quite new to gardening as well.

Yesterday we were kindly given some pots with plants in them, and while I recognize a couple of the plants, such as a hosta and a Campanula persicifolia, I don't know what most of them are! (I can tell that there are weeds in there too, but even then I'm not sure if some are weeds / saplings or cultivated plants.)

Could you please help with identifying the plants, and some advice on how to care for them and hopefully revive them? 

Thank you very much! 


the top one has a hypericum, possibly the native Tutsan, the orange flower is Fox and Cubs or similar name (Pilosella aurantiaca)

Next, the grey leaves are a Hebe

Then a phygelius

then a little weedy thing I can never remember the name of, someone will

Then the Campanula persicifolia with a hellebore and an ash seedling (last pic the same)

The hellebore might be H.niger or one of the hybrids of it. 


1. Hypericum

2. Cotoneaster.

3. Hebe.

4. Phygelius

5. ?

6. Campanula.

7.  Possibly Hellebore.


sorry. I missed the pot with the cotoneaster


Pretty similar then Nut. I must be improving.



Thank you, nutcutlet and punkdoc! 😊

I'll look them all up.

From your experience, is there anything I could do to help the hebe a bit? It looks really scraggy and straggly...

I am planning to put all the different plants in fresh compost - do you think it would be best to take all the different plants out and separate them? 

Is there anything that you think might be happier in the ground rather than a container? ☺


Everything s happier in the ground than in a container. You haven't got anything there that needs anything particular re soil.

I'd cut the straggly bits of the hebe, put it in a bigger pot, loosen up the roots an bit and add some new compost round it. Maybe plant it out in autumn or spring.

The one that neither Punkdoc nor I could name is a weed, you have a spare pot.

All would benefit from separating of different plants and repotting but I wouldn't do it while it's hot. Any of them can be planted out from autumn.


Thank you lots, nutcutlet! πŸ’• I'll wait until weather is less clammy (here in Scotland today it's quite warm but cloudy).

The nameless weed is actually in the same pot as the phygelius (some photos are close-ups), and I thought it looked cute and fuzzy! πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜€ Hopefully it's not too pernicious - maybe I'll keep it in a smallish pot on its own and see how it behaves (though it will probably self-seed all over our garden? 😡).

Thank you once again! ☺

Edit: Oh, forgot to ask about the hosta! I saw recently a very similar one, maybe the same variety, in a beautiful well-established garden. However, the hosta looked like a sieve! Some critter must have taken a real fancy to it. Is there anything I could do to prevent this one having such a fate? Maybe keep it in a pot somewhere high, not on the ground? 

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I missed the Hosta 

Some are more susceptible to slug damage that others. I don't know how what that one is.


Hosta maybe Fire and Ice.

Moist soil is the key. People always say shade, but as long as moist will grow in sun.


Great, will look it up. I think I'll put it somewhere high up where the slugs won't get to it so easily, and I'll add some water retention crystals to the pot so it won't get dehydrated easily. Hopefully it will survive, as it's really pretty! 

Thank you both!! πŸ’—

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