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I would like to use plants instead of grass as a lawn.  Is this possible and, if so, what are the most suitable plants?  (I am a complete novice!)


What do you want to do with the lawn ?  If it's just to look at then chamomile is a possibility, or perhaps some of the tiny leaved thymes, but they're not really lawns, just patches of green foliage.


you can use....clovers... birdsfoot trefoil... prunella vulgaris... perhaps as a mix. I have used this with some grass as my lawn. Just make sure you dont tread on all the bees it will attract... best to keep your shoes on 



Rhoda- that's what I did recently on the clovery bit of grass I have at the side of house!

I'm keeping a bit of that area as clover and prunella etc -  and there's some bugle in there too that's escaped from somewhere. As Dove says - thyme's great for an area like that too. It's brilliant for insects but I don't think I'd want it as my main lawn. I've got that all as nice green, velvety boring old grass! 

flowering rose

sounds like you are doing a cottage garden,which I think is lovely.They use grow flowers that were native but lupins,hollyhocks,roses,lavender,naserstuims.mixing tall with short .can be very stunning.



Thanks everyone.  I'll investigate all the plants you've suggested.  Sara 4 - I think this is the TV report my dad told me about but I couldn't track it down.  It looks perfect!!


Crazy Tomato Lady

This has given me ideas to replace a strip of lawn under my beehives 


Chamomile?  If ts not walked on excessively

There are alternatives for everything and sometimes just for the sake of it.  If you want to enjoy sitting on it, walking on it, playing on it and admiring it as a back cloth to your garden there really is no alternative to conventional grass.  I would never get rid of my lawn....that rich green, soft and highly fragrant (when just mown) carpet is unequalled by anything else.  And the myth about being high maintenance is also over-hyped..

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