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Could any one identify these mystery plants in my garden or are they weeds?

I did wonder if the first could be Kerria - I dug a large one out early last year but didnt see any growth last year.


Many thanks




The top onecould be kerria, can't get the pic to come big enough to see.

The second looks like a buttercup.

We should have had this forum when I had my first garden. I was nurturing ground elder til my MIL turned up and recognised it

I would agree with nutcutlet

the second one is creeping buttercup my garden is full of it,the first one is a wild flower lots of people pull it up but i let it grow the other side of my fence it can get very tall.

Thank you... will leave them in then


Creeping buttercup has a very invasive its name suggests, it spreads by underground runners, and can be very difficult to remove especially if the runners get entangled with the roots of choicer plants. They're not the billowing field buttercups, even though they do have yellow flowers.

No, get it out. You don't want to leave that in your garden, it's a nightmare to get rid.

Ok thanks.... will get digging.

There are some nice buttercups but creeping buttercup isn't one of them. Lovely flowers but............................................

All gone now (I hope!)

You've been out there weeding today? You deserve an extra glass of wine.


My mother-in-law is good at spotting weeds. Though surely the definition of a weed is just a plant that you do not want?


True Ht, the same species can be a desirable plant in one area of my garden and a weed in another.

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