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David Hurrion

A few roses still in bloom at home in Dorset.... oh and fuchsias.... and we've had a couple of frosts....

A Lady Boothby fuchsia still in full flower. and next doors hanging basket has a geranium, struggling but still trying to flower.


I went into the garden today to photograph our two flowering delphiniums, the smaller one against the cottage wall was fine after last nights storm but the five foot pink one further down the garden in the open was snapped and on the ground, not even worth a picture, all the flowers had been eaten!!! Any idea by whom??!!


It's not only in the UK that the seasons are topsy turvy. I'm in northern Spain, 500 metres above sea level, and this year we're having an unseasonably warm autumn. I have cosmos in full flower, loads of calendula better than in summer, some lavender still in flower, bergenias in flower and spring bulbs coming up all over the place. We usually have two or three copious snowfalls every winter, although sometimes they come in April! At the moment hurricane winds forecast for tonight - the same storm which will affect the UK. Batten downt the hatches!


In the Bristol Botanic Garden today the Coronilla citrina was covered in its sweetly smelling yellow flowers; the Phlomis fruticosa which still has its seedheads on from this summer has new flowers with their petals opening;  the Salvia viridis is still flowering its purple socks off; marigolds still flowering;  Iris unguilaris in full bloom;  species tulips half grown already; and when I got home I found a grape hyacinth in flower.


Oxalis leaves showing.

Campanella, Fushia, Iceland poppies, blue Geranium and Geum still throwing out the odd flower. 

My primroses have been in flower all summer and still showing a few daily. 

The young chrysanthemum's I planted have all been eaten... I tried a 'friendly' way of getting rid of slugs which didn't work so I'm back to getting rid of them as they are attacking my primrose leaves as well now. 

Berries have all been taken off my cotoneaster but the birds have only just started on my pyracanthea .. 

appologies for spelling mistakes but no plant book handy lol 

Richard Cornish

I am still picking salad leaves ,pulling radishes,carrots out of my hanging baskets.Have started to harvest parsnips out of plant pots. My figs were ripening up until last week.They have been gorgeous with cereals for breakfast.

I still have carnations flowering in the front garden. We had the first severe frost the other night (10th Dec!) in Aylesbury Bucks, so I think that might have killed them off. But I'm not taking any chances with my palm tree/exotics this year. I had a 12ft Cordyline that was lost in last year's freeze. Amazingly, after cutting it to its base, five strong shoots sprouted from the base and grew over 1 foot last summer. I'm hoping it will be restored to its former glory before long. 

My neighbour has SNOWDROPS out in her garden! I had to walk back and take a second look as I could not believe my eyes!! maybe spring not so far away after all. Shortest day next week too!

Hi, Up in the northeast we have had frosts and now snow and still my patio rose is flowering merrily as well as a hellebore which has flowered since September.



This spirea in my garden has its autumn colour and dried flowerheads enriched by new green leaves and this Charles Ross apple tree is hanging on to half of its crop so they will be red all over for Xmas.


I have fuchsia, primroses, primula, white foxgloves, hellebores all in bloom.  Pelargoniums which I finally put in the greenhouse to overwinter yesterday Chrysanthemums having a second flush after being cut back late in October after being decimated by slugs, an Erodium and Aubretia. So lots of amazing colour with the hips and berries you would expect to see at this time of year - it will be very interesting to see what happens in the Spring!

I have a camelia (white) that has been flowering for awhile now it did the same last December. Still have fushia's flowering. Plenty of weeds still growing too!!!


My white hydrangeas are  just blooming, outdoor  fushias still going strong, daffs are well up. 


First crocus in flower !9th Dec.  My hazelnut trees are dripping with satkins.


i am yet another novice, but there is a snowdrop in flower in a pot in my garden, surely thats not normal, this side of crimbo...


This arum under my contorted hazel is away ahead of itself.

I have 2 Mrs Boothby fushias which are still very much in flower, also tall flowers like snowdrops some wallflowers, I noticed a couple  of lavender flowers this morning and lots of bulbs coming through.

I have a hydrangea, all browned mop-heads, except for two bright pink ones that have just come out!    Nasturtiums are still flowering, too, along with pink penstemons.   Some daffodils are beginning to show their shoots.

On another note, my winter clematis, Freckles, are an absolute delight right now.

i have fuschia, penstemon ,geranium,roses all still flowering also my spring displays of bellis and primula have been flowering since end of september though are looking a bit worse for wear now , i fear i will not have these flowering in spring now, also my daffs have been showing through for the past two weeks i just hope my tulips manage to hold off otherwise my spring diplay is going to be none existent.

Also my geum are already getting their buds .