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after two months of digging my allotment. the weeds are back with a vengance.


Cover the weeds up to keep out the light and the annuals will die.  You will have warmer soil too and less wind erosion.  Use cardboard, plastic sheeting, old carpets or anything else suitable you have to hand.

Thanks. a good idea, but it will take a lot of covering up.

I might cover a small area with whats to hand


Peter, see Ryan Lewis' blog on the New Allotment n the Guardian today.

One of our Camelia's is a mass of flowers, so I guess we can't expect any flowers for the coming season



Well, it is the first of January and never have I seen so many flowers in my garden. I will share some of them with you as now I can with our lovely new site. First, one we expect

 at this time of year - Hellebore argutifolius.. And now into the spring with Kerria japonica.

 And now into summer with Iceberg roses.

 Autumn with the berries on Iris foetissima.

 Back to winter and the snowdrops are pushing their way up through the oak leaves.

 Four seasons in one day!!!  I have heard that time flies past when you get older but this beats the biscuit.


hi, i m living in south east ireland and have  'out of season' surprises in the garden , but the most delightful are the clump of pink and cream nicotiania flower heads bobbing around in the breeze, and have been since late summer .

David Hurrion

Daffs out in Dorset, as well as hellebores and spring-flowered Cyclamen coum - and the usual mix of winter shrubs. We've also got the odd rose in bloom, together with Abutilon 'Suntense' and Salvia guaranitica, thanks to only one slightly dip below freezing a couple of weeks before Christmas. Oddly there is no sign of snowdrops yet!


Yes, I have noticed the snowdrops are keeping to their usual schedule - just a few peeping up here and there and I have thousands  But the selfseeded annuals like  Limanthes douglasii (poached egg plant) are well away.  see photo taken on New Years Day.

New member - first blog. Keen amatuer gardender - learning fast!!

I have had roses and hellebores continually flowering for the past three months. I thought the cold and frost would get my echium but its still going strong outside - no flower yet though. 

Flowers are out, yes - but I've just had my first ever asparagus shoot, about 8" long!  Found it when I was cutting back old stems, so I just micro-waved it - and it was delicious.


Wow, must go up and search my asparagus - what a treat, Frances.

I too have a number of plants in flower; however, my neighbour says, for instance the fuschia and geraniums should be cut down so that they can gather strength during the winter months to flower in readiness for their season.

Is this so?  Or should we let nature take its course.  Although I've actually cut some back and left some flowering to see what happens and fleeced those that are delicate.


i also have roses in flower.



Te bumblebees are gorging themselves on my heathers which are flowering early this year.


But the snowdrops have kept to their usual schedule.  This one usually flowers end Dec. to Feb.

 I like most people have a garden which doesn't know where it should be, i had a rhodi flower in november for the second time, my snapdragons are on the third flowering and i have a self set of lobelia in a tub with a magnolia tree which has been in bloom since mid may and still going and its JANUARY!!!! 


Some of the geraniums are still flowering. Spring bulbs are shooting up,and primroses and primulas have been flowering for the last month or so.

Here in Chester, I have roses, primulas, pentemon, valerian, helebores, osteospernum all in flower, some of last summer's annuals are still hanging on and my opium poppies are starting to show their leaves.  My beautiful red geraniums from last summer are still looking fabulous and are in bud, but I have put them on to the doorstep for some extra shelter as my leanto greanhouse is full.

  On a trip to see my Auntie in north Wales today all the snowdrops were in flower, but no sign of them in my garden yet