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My Wedding Bells is in flower,we are due frosts this weekend, have you any suggestions to how I can save it?

Margaret Coast Northeast


Here in Hampshire we have Knautia flowering, and our beautiful Brugmansia (in the porch) has 6 flowers!! had frost overnight, so pleased we went round with the fleece last night phew!


I have a perennial wall flower that has been flowering constantly since May of last year, nothing seems to stop it. I think by cutting old flowering stems down a couple of times, I have encouraged more flowers. Also, we had a cool summer so that may have simulated spring for a longer period than usual. Either way, I'm amazed!


I planted antirynums in a trough in my Mothers garden last year, they flowered all last summer, this summer and they re flowering again. are they annuals or byannuals?

. I m new to vegetable gardening, I had a wonderful year last year, and the aqua dulcie broad beans I planted in November are about 6 inches high, is this unusual?


Here in the South East ive still got Lobelia in bloom in a pot in the garden, its a self seeded one that was dropped from one of my baskets 19th Jan.

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