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I'm new to the forum but I would like to say that my pink campion - grown from wild seed collected last year - has been non stop flowering since may last year and the seedlings from this year have never died and are flourishing.  the plants in my garden have had this early start before and unusually I had a lovely show of tulips from early on until about July - so sometimes unusually mild weather gives us a bit more to smile about when we wander round our gardens.

Anticipation of what will come and how the plants will manage may mean that we in the end will be able to grow many more exotics in our gardens

Well I think the season's have gone all to pot. In my back yard I have a few pots with several plants in and I am amazed that there is so many flowering at this time of year, today 8th of january i have snap dragons on the third flourish, geraniums still flowering and lastly some self set lobelia which has been in flower since mid may. I have not tended to the plants since october, so who is looking after them? My rhodedendeum also flowered in november!!!!

I agree, i had a mixed pot of flowers in the garden that last flowered in August/ late summer and they have just started to flower again!!!! These seasons have all turned really weird.


I still have Fuchsias flowering in my front garden and lobelia which I grew from seed last year. My spring bulbs are popping through aswell. As much I like this very mild weather we could do with some cold weather to rid us of all the bugs.It is nice to go out into the garden thought, not knowing what you are going to see growing next. If this weather keeps up we will mowing lawn before we know it. 

My Spring bulbs are yet to come up yet but hope fully they will be up soon. The weather around hear is really strange. last month it snowed for a day and now we have bright sun the leaves on our trees dont know what to do, one minute they are falling off and the next they think that it's Spring again and are coming back on....



I've been out into the garden today and Ive got Crocus in flower and hyacinths are also popping up. Here in Bournemouth we have had only one frost and no snow, today it is so mild, its more like April than January. No wonder the flowers and bulbs are confused.

we too have a crocus out


Lancashire garden...  I was amazed today to see, in the shelterd garden, that the crocus have flowered !  seemingly  overnight. Their growth over the past 2 days is pheneminal and they are fully formed and beautiful. I also have several azalia in flower, - all be it not in their nornal spring glory, but they should be asleep now .... bless them. Can anyone tell me .... does this mean that they will rest until next year or will the poor little loves struggle to flower all through the spring?

West Mids garden I have carnations that have never stopped flowering, likewise penstemon and a yellow rose - likewise I wonder how this will effect next years flowering.

west midlands .i have camellia in flower also an antirhinum that has self set and flowered since autumn, muscari ,arabis and a bit of pulmanaria,. however daffodils,crocus,hyacinths and tulips are no further ahead than usual.why?

In my Stafordshire garden we have a Lupin just in bud. Our star of the veld also has a flower and a margaretta is also flowereing as well as a yellow rose in bud. my ivy leaved geraniums in baskets are still alive and other geraniums still are flowering

My rural Gloucestersire garden seems to think it's still late Summer - hollyhocks and bedding geraniums still putting on a brave show, as well as a climbing rose flowering in the holly tree, cheek by jowl with all the red berries.  Wierd!  Has anybody else noticed the insects are still out and about as well?

Saw some blue bearded irises in bloom in a Bristol front garden last Thursday. I was amazed. Probably cut back the frosts we've had over the past couple off days.

Just to add to the pot - I have had Clematis Niobe and Clematis Ernest Markham covered in flowers all winter. It is bizarre to look outside and see them covered in sparkly frost. Bulb wise, I had hyacinths starting to flower last month and now there are crocuses too. I live in Cambridge, and my garden is not that sheltered. Winter has been very very strange. well the whole year, really!


we havent had any frost or snow down here in cornwall its been so mild , i have daffodils, crocuses,  roses, my camellias are looking lovely i hope we dont have any hard frost i would hate to loose everything.

Weather difficult for novice gardeners! I have an ornamental quince (chaenomeles japonica) that I should like to move but it already has very tiny buds. Can I do it or is it too late? I know it flowers early but I've been waiting for the garden to go to sleep for Winter! Thanks. Also wish to move two Hebes but am more confident about these.

Keen novice, my chaenomeles is now in full flower.   My advice would be to wait until yours has finished flowering before trying to move it.

The mild weather has meant I have been pottering around the garden far more than is usual in January.   I have even mown the lawn!   It seems a strange time of year to be dead-heading summer flowers!     However, the frosts over the last few days have put paid to the begonias, marigolds and nasturtiums, so I have removed them all now and am waiting to see all my spring bulbs come into flower - snowdrops are already doing so.

Thanks for the advice - bit  of a bind but I need to go with Nature's flow! Does this mean I can move it straight after flowering or should I wait until November/Dec. 2012 when it might be dormant?!

Hi Ruth Bailey, I too have Campion in my garden, just appeared. Be warned, it will take over if you don't look out. My small back garden was totally overrun with it. Ended up taking everything out and replanting. That said, it is pretty!