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Could anyone help identify the below? I was given them alongside some geums and I'm thinking they were part of a Gardener's world offer.

Thank you!

Plant 1

 Plant 2




The leaves on the first one look like Campanula persicifolia

2 might be coreopsis


pic 1 - as above (campanula) or possibly a veronica of some sort

pic 2 looks very much like my coreopsis sunray

Orchid Lady

I've got both as part of that offer and yes they are Campanula and Coreopsis 


Yes, the GW 48 perennials offer, 12 each of Scabiosa, Campanula, Coreopsis and Geum.

Orchid Lady

I didn't get Scabiosa though....I got something else and can't remember what now and it's dark so not going to the GH 





i got the offer and think i got aquilegia instead of the scabiosa. think the campanula was canterbury bells

Orchid Lady

I know the Geum was Mrs Bradshaw, I'll look up the others tomorrow 

Yes, I'd heard that some people received Aquilegia instead of Scabiosa.  The Coreopsis is growing particularly well.  The varieties are G. Mrs Bradshaw, S. Beaujolais Bonnet, C. Canterbury Bell, C. Golden Joy.

As narrow2 says the last one looks like Osteospermum .cuttings take well from this plant .



That pink flower is an osteospermum but I think it's the one with the yellow flowers for id

Orchid Lady IDd both these correctly on 12.07, 


Maybe it's time I shut up then Dove

Not likely is it


And the joke is?

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