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Could anyone help identify the below? I was given them alongside some geums and I'm thinking they were part of a Gardener's world offer.

Thank you!

Plant 1

 Plant 2




The leaves on the first one look like Campanula persicifolia

2 might be coreopsis


pic 1 - as above (campanula) or possibly a veronica of some sort

pic 2 looks very much like my coreopsis sunray

Orchid Lady

I've got both as part of that offer and yes they are Campanula and Coreopsis 


Orchid Lady

I didn't get Scabiosa though....I got something else and can't remember what now and it's dark so not going to the GH 





i got the offer and think i got aquilegia instead of the scabiosa. think the campanula was canterbury bells

Orchid Lady

I know the Geum was Mrs Bradshaw, I'll look up the others tomorrow 

As narrow2 says the last one looks like Osteospermum .cuttings take well from this plant .



That pink flower is an osteospermum but I think it's the one with the yellow flowers for id

Orchid Lady IDd both these correctly on 12.07, 


Maybe it's time I shut up then Dove

Not likely is it

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