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Hi i am new to this site and was hoping you could help,i am looking for any plants,shrubs,etc named Ann. I would like a  plant in remembrence of my lovely mum who passed away last year she particularly like Hydrangea`s i do hope you can help thankyou x

David Austin roses sell a rose called Ann.

ok thanks do you know of anymore x

Looks lovely thankyou if you know of anything else that would be great .It would be nice to have a few things as would like to give them as gifts to my dad,sister and brothers on my mums birthday in remembrence of her xx




there is a very pretty hardy Geranium called Ann Folkard if you want something smaller

How about hydrangea Annabelle? Or there is an apple tree called Annie Elizabeth.

I used to grow a lovely winter flowering heather called Ann Sparkes.  Beautiful orange foliage. 

....sorry Irena, meant to say welcome to the forum.  Nice to see you.

Thanks for all your  help everyone im sure there is something there i can buy xx



hi Irena, I've just joined too. What a lovely idea in rememberance of your mum. 

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