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Hello all



 This is springing up at various points along our fences.  The neighbours on one side have completely paved their garden, and I can see no sign of the plant growing on their side of our shared fence.  I don't know the neighbours on the other side very well, and don't feel comfortable asking if I can examine their garden!  So I don't know if it's growing there, but certainly can't see any sign of it growing along the top of the fence.

Does anyone recognise it please? 

EDIT:  Sorry about the typo in the thread title! 


Bindweed - probably the one with the big white flowers.  Don't pull or dig it up as every piece of root left in the soil will grow.  Just bruise the leaves and treat with glyphosate then leave until it dies down totally.  That will show that the glyphosate has travelled back to the roots.  

You may have to keep your eyes open every year and treat any invading shoots  coming in from other gardens - but when we moved into our last place the bindweed was up to the eaves on the single storey extension and we got rid of it by doing just as I've advised. 

Thank you!  Will the glyphosate damage any other plants growing nearby?  The bindweed is twining itself around other plants.


Carefully untangle the bindweed from the other plants - put some canes in the ground as wigwams and encourage the bindweed to grow up the canes - then you can spray them using a big sheet of cardboard to shield other plants. 

Great, will do.  I was a little worried it would turn out to be something problematic.  Glad I checked in here before trying to dig it up!  Thanks again, much appreciated.



It is something problematic! Mine hides under the wall and I still have it after over 20 years. I find it very tricky and time consuming to treat as it is in herbaceous borders full of plants. Get rid of it while you have the chance! As Dove says.

flowering rose

that's bind weed and it will grow every where unless you get the roots right out of the soil. very pretty white flowers but will strangle your plants.


But as I said, don't attempt to dig them out until the the weed killer ha s had time to travel back and kill them.  They snap easily and every little bit left behind will regrow 

flowering rose

depends if you like using weed killer, and yes if you leave anything behind it will re-grow that's why you make sure you don't ,and even weed killer cant get to it all.

We've spend 10 hours today completely digging out, carefully picking through and rebuilding a 3x2m raised bed infested with bind weed today. It had clearly been in there a long time as the amount of roots was shocking. There are still some shoots growing through a nearby hydrangea in a small space on the edge of the patio so I have taken 2 shoots and trapped them in a plastic container of extra strong round up. Any tiny bits which regrow I shall quickly blitz. So glad the whole garden hadn't got it- think I might've been tipped over the edge! Good luck with it all.

  I meant that I was worried and had my worries confirmed. 


So after I spray the plant and the leaves die back, I still have to dig out all of the roots?  I can't even begin to imagine how I'm going to do that.  We've just had a truck load of new plants planted (brand new garden) and I'm so worried about disturbing the roots again so soon, digging around our plants to get to the bindweed roots.


Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

It is something problematic!

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