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Hi, my partner and I have just moved into our first property and we finally have a garden !! However the previous owner has left no indication of what any of the plants she left are. We have managed to identify a few of them from common knowledge but the rest are like in a needle in a haystack to us as only the clematis are flowering at the moment so we can't identify any of the plants by the flower (which would make things easier). Can anyone help ? I have attached some photos below, thanks in advance if you have time to take a look for us !!






photo 1 looks like a Magnolia, probably a 'soulangeana' type... but I'm not certain.

2 is a Buddleia and I think no. 4 is too, probably a seedling...

the tree in no. 3 has a flowering cherry type leaf to it... but would need to see the flowers... not really sure about that ... perhaps someone else would like to have a go...


2 is a buddleia

3  looks like some sort of cherry 

4 ? another buddleia - where there's one there's 101

Can't do 1. can you do a few more pics?. Close-up of leaf perhaps, trunk?


I'd say no 3 is beech 


The horizontal markings on the trunk of 3 say prunus to me Fg. and beech leaves have a much shinier look, esp. at this time of year


          Just agreeing with the others    .The third one does look like another Buddleia.When it flowers youl attract lots of butterflies, Its known as the butterfly bush. 

The first I think as others is a cherry - could be a " bird cherry "    i have a youg cherry tree , cant remember exactley which -but for me its a bird cherry because they beat me to the few fruit left on after the June drop.


Thanks everyone for the help !!!!!

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