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Does anyone know what this plant is? It appeared mysteriously amongst the lavender in my garden (I assume the seed was delivered by an obliging bird), but it's a bit different from the usual weeds I get!

 It's about two feet tall so far...

Thank you!


Euphorbia lathyris or Caper Spurge - it's a good plant in the right place but can be a nuisance in the wrong place.  If you don't want it there pull it up, the roots don't go deep.  But before you pull it up make sure you use rubber gloves and long sleeves as the milky sap can cause irritation if it gets on your skin - if it's a sunny day the irritation can be quite severe so do be careful. 

Victoria............can't enlarge your pic but it does look rather like a Yucca.altho it won't suddenly have appeared

No doubt someone with better eyesight/computer will be able to enlighten you


I agree with Dove

Dove..........I'll get some new specs---------looks like I need them


Thank you very much Dovefromabove - that's really helpful. According to wikipedia the whole plant is toxic, so I think we'll remove it before our chickens decide to give it a nibble!


No real need - believe it or not chickens are pretty good at leaving stuff alone if it's bad for them - but if you don't want it then remove it, taking the precautions I described, otherwise it'll seed and pop up all over the place. 

star gaze lily

Apparently,  it deters moles from the garden,....maybe we should put a few  at the bottom of our garden!!!


It has that reputation Lily - but not sure that moles are aware!!! 


These often come up from nowhere. The seeds are distributed by aliens after they've done the crop circles

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