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Dear Forum Members,

Someone must surely recognise and know what this clump-forming perennial is with beautiful yellow flowers.

We had a couple of vibrant clumps of this in the garden where I grew up but I don’t know what it’s called. Sadly ours has not formed a clump – but I’d love it to, in time.

Many thanks,

The Grateful Deadhead



It look slike Lysimachia punctata but that's inclined to be invasive and you say this one hasn't even clumped up yrt

Common name of Lysimachia is Yellow Loosestrife, if you have good soil it can spread very invasively, so ensure you keep it confined. 

Amazing! So so grateful to know what it is finally!!!

 I will try to allow it to form a clump and no more.

Thank you to you both!


The Grateful Deadhead


its very invasive. its advisable to plant it in a big pot and plunk it in a hole in the garden where u want it, thereby stopping its spread. good luck

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