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Hi can anyone please identify if weed or flower just green long leafy but clingy to other plants and to touch.. Just took over in past few days just drag out ??? 



I can't see anything!


My guess would be cleavers aka goosegrass and many other names.  Does it look like this?

You can just pull it up, but best to follow the stems down to the ground and pull the root out as the stems will just break off otherwise and it will grow (quickly!) again.


Oh yes good old goosegrass,we had great fun as kids sticking it to each other's jumpers 


I think it is sad anybody has reached adulthood and not know what sticky grass/goosegrass is.  Used to stick it to fellow pupils at school!!



I still do it - OH gets covered with it 


I hate the feel of it now.  Use gloves to pull it up.  Yet as a kid don't remember disliking touching it.  Grew up in Wales and now live in Norfolk so perhaps the Welsh version is less scratchy than the Norfolk version!


South - Bridgend/Porthcawl.  


  I've got rellies on The Gower - spent lots of time there as a child and still visit 


Scenery's a bit different isn't it?!  I love Norfolk, but when back in Wales the coastline cliffs do take my breath a bit, even though I grew up with them. 


Sticky willow was what we called it up here 

I don't see it around much now though - it's probably in grass verges though.

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