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Hi,  any ideas what this is please?



It is a plant called Pokeweed, properly Phytolacca americana. The flowers are replaced by black berry like things which are toxic if eaten. I like the plant, but others don't. So a weed?  That depends on whether you like it, or want it.


I like it too.  It can self seed when happy but it's easy to pull up unwanted babies.  Birds love the seeds but they're no good for humans, pets or livestock.  I've never had any problems.

Thanks Berghill, I'll let it do it's thing then despatch it to the great compost bin in the sky - or force feed it to the wild rabbit that's eating everything in the garden except this.  Thanks again



It looks well suited to where it is. It grows to about 10' and has a deep tap root. the berries will look like a bunch of grapes when ripe. It is quite toxic but will not affect the birds (they love it). The seeds can remain viable in the soil for up to 40 years!

If you want rid of it, cutting below the root crown is effective (digging up the large taproot is very difficult).

All parts of common pokeweed are toxic to humans, pets and livestock. Roots are the most poisonous, leaves and stems are intermediate in toxicity (toxicity increases with maturity), and berries are the least toxic.




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