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I have been given a Pointsettia as a gift, however, I have never been able to keep them alive after Christmas is over. Has anyone got any hints or tips on how I can keep them alive?



Hi Allotmentmad,

Just to let you know that for the first time in my life I have managed to keep

 my Pointsettia from last Christmas.  I've kept it on a sunny window ledge

all summer and have made sure it never dried out and then when the days

started getting shorter this autumn I've kept putting it in a spare bedroom where

it is completely dark until daylight dawns the following day,when I then transfer

it back to the sunny window ledge.   I now have lots of tiny red bracts forming

on it, which is lovely.  I think it may be a little late to be fully red by Christmas

this year, but at least it's still alive and showing signs of being a proper

Pointsettia again!!  Hope this helps you......don't give up.....I've tried this

several times before, but have never been successful before.

  p.s.  I think I probably followed the thread Dove mentions above, but haven't

time to check at present!  If so, I know I found it very helpful, so give it a go!




I understood that the biggest problem they encountered was the cold air from the GC or shop to home. Don't know about aftercare.

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