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Gary Hobson

Yew is certainly poisionous.

But yew is not leylandii. Yew contains some specific chemicals called taxines.

Just below is a link to a book about poisonous plants. The book has a section about yews. You can look in fhe index, and there doesn't seem to be any reference to Leylandii (through that doesn't mean Leylandii is safe to eat)...


flowering rose

do not feed your cattle leylandi or anything like that,yew is very deadly and I could go on.feed them what they normally eat.I known so many horses that have been fed what people think is alright and they die .


Why are we talking about yew?  Leylandi is absolutely nothing to do with yew! 

However, Leylandi can be a skin irritant and there are some reports of it causing abortion in cattle if a lot is eaten.  IME most cattle would not eat much of a growing Leylandi, but if someone put prunings in their fodder they might well eat enough to cause problems. Some cattle just do not have much of a self-preservation instinct!

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