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Do Polemonium self seed? I have a couple of these in my garden and I've noticed, what look like, lots of seedlings dotted around the plant. If they are seedlings (they are quite small at the moment) should I be potting them up or is it best to leave them be to allow them to grow a bit more. At the moment they're fine where they are but in a few weeks when I start to plant my bedding plants they'll be in the way but it would be nice to keep a few. 


Do they self seed? Oh boy, welcome to the world of polemonium! You don't need to pander to them. They will get their feet under the table and you will wish that you had more friends to give them away to. Happy days!

Can only agree with pansy face, the good thing is they are easy to weed, I have self seeded Teasels which are both prickly and tough rooted. My nightmare self seeder is bronze fennel if you miss getting it when it's tiny it roots like a dandelion and you have it forever.


Ah OK I'll keep a close eye on them then to make sure they don't start taking over 

Thank you for your replies  

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