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I have a window box of polyanthus, but shortly will replant with geraniums ,so help please can I put the polly's in the garden tucked away in a shady spot , in damp or dry till next year,


I moved pollies from my window boxes to a shady damp but not wet part of my garden last year - they started flowering several weeks ago and are still going strong. A friend did the same and hers are still going after 4 years!

Thank will try that , they still look nice so would like to keep them. 

Mine were dobbed in and around garden for some colour about 9 weeks ago and now I don't know what to do as I will have bedding plants going out as soon as strong enough. my garden isn't large enough to hide them away


Can't you leave them in situ, the flowers can come off and the bigger outer leaves, your bedding will grow around them, and then next spring you will have beautiful new polyanthus to enjoy then.   Some of mine have been in the garden for years, and just get better and better, they are no problem when other flowers are out, their leaves are innoffensive and quiet, not detracting from anything else. 



There's probably not a lot of room to plant around them, in a windowbox 


Agreed, but the origianl poster did say the polyanthus were going to be planted in the garden after blooming in the window box.  I have had a chuckle at the size of window box required to get around and plant around - wow, that is indeeed some window ................

They have been in pots in the window box , yes it is faily big , and they still look lovely ,,thanx one and all ,     window needs some cleaning too Bookertoo

get another pot and Bright blessings to you and your plants



I dig up many of my polyanthus every year to make room.  I split and plant them in shady part of the garden.  Also pot some up and leave in the shade.  They are perfectly happy with this.

So Witch....get them out and put in your geraniums

Gonna do tomorrow ,  weather permiting    no will do it anyway quite warm down here in Essex , we do not all wear white stilletos ,or dance round handbag ,, well only on a fri night


Note you don,t mention the black tights and fake tan witch

Do not need that , the witches garb covers the legs ,and the pointed hat helps , but those flipping toads do not stay put in the cauldron,  look up witches of Canewdon and you will see my roots. 

witch wrote (see)

They have been in pots in the window box , yes it is faily big , and they still look lovely ,,thanx one and all ,     window needs some cleaning too Bookertoo

Oh dear, surely no-one cleans windiws when there is gardening to do?  It must be said that I hate all forms of housework, and windows come at the lowerst point of that - keep growing the plants and no-one, including you, will see the window!!

But if I do not clean windows I can not see garden when inside on a rainy day , no like clean windows ,like to admire my handy work ,and watch the birds. 




Have looked up Witches of Canewdon,very interesting..

We are a funny lot , can trace my family from Canewdon back to about 1600 ish,  They were not ALL  witches ,  


If they had been, you would not be with us.  They were hanged or burned.  Polyanthus just loved all the rain we had last year and I now have hundrds needing divided.  They sell well for charity if you pick out the pretty caramel coloured ones and sell them in full flower  I have had as many as 17 plants from one clump.

No happy marion they put on the ducking stool and put in the pond , if they drowned they were not witches , if they floated well then they were hanged , pond still there.  But will divide them and see how I go ,  thanx to one and all,

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