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Hi all, I have put in my pond and want to plant round it. I specifically want some Evergreen Plants that will stay in place all year round. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks

Euonymous 'silver queen'  will spread to cover edges, give cover to wildlife, can be trimmed to shape as needed and has attractive foliage.

Hi Daintiness, thats a brilliant idea. I have a few clumps of that in my garden already. Thanks very much. I have another space filled.

One of the smaller growing spreading conifers or a small growing rhododendron.

A lot of ferns are evergreen, and look great next to a pond. Also if you want lower growing plants, try Pulmonaria, I particularly love a variety called 'Majeste' which has almost entirely silver leaves, that would work very well with the euonymus.


Oh the Pulmonaria is a fantastic looking plant. That will go great with a hosta and the Euonymous. I like the idea of a rhododendron but Im not too sure if I like them or not, I would be a little worried about the flowers dropping their petals in the pond too much but I may use one in another area of the garden.

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