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I have been rather worried about my stunning vibrant reddy/purple heaucra for a week, today I saw it in daylight and was shocked. It's flopped, leaves curled looks like it's dying back and giving up. Last year this was stunning all through the winter and flowered its socks off this summer.


should I cut off some of the  stem that appears to have healthy tips and try and root this??? What's going on, is this more hard earned plant pennies going into foliage heaven!!! ????

I suspect, very strongly, you have vine weevils.  Heucheras are a passion for those critters.  Use Provado vine weevil killer ASAP

I suggest, yes, you cut all,those leaves  clears away all the debris and helps prepare it for  new leaves in the spring.

Next spring you could use nematodes for vine weevils....the preferred organic way....but you can't use the chemical and the nematodes together.  By next spring the chemical in Provado will have disappeared.  

Whatever you use you will need to treat Heucheras twice a year.....spring and autumn

Weird! I have 2 at the back on the clay soil and the pride and joy at the front on sandy soil looks like it's dying back, the stems and centre leaves are tiny but look fine, all old and external leaves are brown around the edges and curling.

would it help to cut off some of the stem where it has a neat centre and pot them up and hope, do they root this way? I don't really have the funds to buy treatments, I spent my garden fund this year

Red Dahlia - if the answer is vine weevil, as well it might, you don't have to spend money in the short term.  In fact chemical treatments don't work well unless you are treating a pot.  In the soil its too hard to direct.  Just dig up your plant and check for those fat white maggots with brown heads.  Its just about warm enough to get away with this.  If you find the maggots it's a case of carefully searching them out and getting rid before replanting.  Not a permanent solution but it will allow your plant to survive for another day.  If you don't find them you've a different problem.  In my experience heuchera's don't look wonderful in the winter though.

Angela is correct.  I do this too.  However, the drench DOES work.  Yes it is expensive.  If you dig up your Heucheras scour the surrounding soil too for those grubs.  I excavate as much soil as poss and place it on tray or bin or similar and sift through it.  Bear in mind there will be eggs there too so you will have to repeat this process next spring.  I do this to primroses, polyanthus etc

Red dahlia, you can easily divide your fact they benefit from it.  Lift and pull apart.  Wash them thoroughly.  Pot up and plant deeply.  Next year you will have your Heucheras back again but in greater numbers 

If it's just dying and browning leaves remove them.  Slightly tug at your Heuchera.  If it comes away from the soil it will definitely be vine weevil.  If the centre of your plant looks ok....I.e. healthy ...then leave well alone.

Heucheras do look fantastic and then suddenly, it seems, look awful.  Nature of the beast


Thanks, will excavate and I may pot on. 

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