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Just recently with all this warm, sunny weather my lovely Red Poppies have bloomed. They are really lovely, however only a few hours later the petals fall off. Anyone out there with any ideas? Is it the heat that is causing the petals to fall off so soon?

Alina W

Poppy flowers usually only last a day or so if we're talking about annual poppies so yes, extra heat will make them go over faster. There's nothing that you can really do about it.

Thank you Alina, there are more to bloom and it's a pity. I've just collected some of the petals which are now in the compost!! Might as well enjoy the bloom's while they last.


You may get nice seed heads, depending on the variety.

what do you do with the seed heads


I leave my seed heads until they go brown and then collect some of the seeds (the others I leave to drop and self seed direct from the mother plant.  The seeds I collect I scatter where I want next years poppies to grow.  That is literally all I do and every year I get so many poppies growing that I have to thin them out. 

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