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New to gardening! I have had some beautiful poppies in my garden so far. What do I have to do to ensure I get some more next year? Do I collect the heads and dry them out?

I grow calafornian poppies in a flower bed, I planted some there a few years ago and every year I let them die down so that they will drop their seeds naturaly. If you want to grow them in another position you could collect the seed heads and dry them out in a brown paper envelope; then sow them again next year.

Before collecting the seedheads make sure that they aren't still green and wait until the little holes around the top, just under the flat "pie crust" are opening up. Take care not to shake the heads as you pick them or the seeds will spill out.


If your Poppies are the perennial hybrid types, they will not come true from seed. Most of them revert to the standard red/orange.

Thank you so much for all the advice. I think this is going to be a very useful site indeed 

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