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linda horton

As a newcomer to the forum and some plants I wonder if anyone can tell me what variety this poppy is that I photographed a couple of summers back.


flowering rose

I dont know although i have seen it,lovely very attractive.


It's probably something Fizz, although I can't find its exact botanical name.

There is a poppy with jagged edges like that alled Turkestania - or something a bit like that!  Maybe google red poppies and see if you recognise it among the offerings you get there? 



It may help to know where the photograph was taken- was it in this country?

Having had a look around I think it might be a variety called 'Drama Queen,' although I can't say for sure as not all the images match the OP's photo.

I forgot to say, the centre probably turns bluish, as in your photo, as the flower starts to fade.


I've come across an old seed packet of a poppy called Burgundy Frills by Thompson and Morgan that looks very similar, but they don't have it anymore.

Hi all that is a lovely poppy .I have seeds for one called laurens grape that is just gorgeous.Does anyone have any tips for growing poppies.Should I start indoors in loo rolls so I dont disturb the roots or just sprinkle on the ground and hope for the best.I really want this plant to bloom for this spring,does anyone know if putting it in the fridge might be a good idea.                 Debra

linda horton

Thank you all for your kind replies.I too had looked at seriously scarlet but on the couple of pics I saw it does seem far more red in colour than the one I saw.The picture was taken in this country,in staffordshire to be exact,and it was only the one flower,no others anywhere in the vicinity.Since I took the pic in 2011 I have not seen it elsewhere or indeed in the location I took its photo.I will buy some of the seriously scarlet seeds for this year and see what grows I think.I thought it was so lovely and would really like to grow it in the garden.I also looked at turkestania but that has white on the petals,Drama Queen seems very similar although it seems to have darker shading on the petals but I think I may get some of the seeds of that variety too.

My thanks to all of you for your answers,it is so nice that my first post has been answered by so many of you.I look forward to my time on the forum with you .

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