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dont know if anyone is interested but I have just bought five penstemon different varieties from hayloft plants. I think this id good value and the quality of their plants has allways been good

How much Nigel?
1.83 each, not bad for plugs, they will bloom this year.

I bought them at the same price last year and they were stupendous,  They actually have come through this winter unscathed and still have loads of greenery so i shall take loads of cuttings in a month or two.  I may be able to find a photograph or two to show you what to expect later in the year.



 The blue one was particularly fine and I was able to take cuttings from it for my friends, but i had put it in my blue Olympic Ring and I have deleted those pictures now.  All the plants flowered for months and seem to be evergreen and very hardy.


Beautiful Marion, they really are a good all rounder, once you have them, you have them forever, well worth the money. Mine flowered right up to first frosts, and the greenery is still there now.

I have never tried cuttings, you say do them in about May/June then?



Soft wood cuttings from a nonflowering shoot any time you think it is warm enough for them to strike .  We took them at an RHS course I was on at Bristol Zoo Gardens one  August and they struck.  That was many years ago when the varieties were not so hardy and we were advised to take cuttings every year to be safe!

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