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Need to know of a climbing plant that can be grown in post to cover the banboo in the attached picture.

The picture was taken early morning and the area get loads of sunshine

Just looking to use the bamboo rather than taking down and putting up trellis due to tight budget

If this is possible what plant shall i get and how many pots?

Ideadly its would be a all year round look with colour




My first thought if that is bamboo screening I don't think it will be strong enough to support anything-there are no natural points for a climber to cling to so you are going to have to provide some sort of support-it is just normally used as screening

Back to the drawing board in my view.

Ok, thanks I will look into alternative

What climbing plants can I put in pots?


Anything can be grown in a container as long as you feed and water it, the main issue is that most climbers by their very nature are hungry plants.

I grew an evergreen clematis 'freckles' in a container but it did not flower until I moved it into the ground.

Does it have to be a climber ? support has to be strong for an evergreen climber. What about a tall bamboo or some tall grasses. 

No doesn't have to be. Just wast to keep the privacy height but hide the screen as it looks a bit manky

Will look into your recommendations



thanks for the link. just what i need

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