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Over the weekend I bought pieris Flaming Silver amd a beautiful glazed pot as a gift for someone.  The plant has green and white leaves, brilliant red new growth and white flowers.   Luckily ...out of has its flowers opening now along with red leaves.  It will provide interest all year round.  (acid compost, of course) 


I have Pieris Flaming Silver Verdun. Bought it for a very Large Container for some Winter Interest. I must say it's come lovely this Summer, very lovely looking plant.


I love Pieris. Any chance of a photo of this silver one pretty please? 

Ive got a lovely little gultheria - big fat berries in winter, in a pot with a heather and a cyclamen.

 I normally empty my winter pots but last year I forgot two of them and found them plonked behind the greenhouse. They now look stunning!  I real lesson for me to leave things to their own devices rather than constantly tidying away and renewing. 


amen to the constant change Tootles. Have to stop doing this and keeping the plants rather than buying fresh all the time.

I'm a little impulsive with plants so am learning to take cuttings and split my plants accordingly, saving myself a fortune.

I'll try get a pic tomorrow for you Tootles.

flowering rose

I have just put heathers in pots out the front which will go through till spring.



Thanks mattbeer87. Yep over buying and also over planting is something I'm starting to kick myself for.  I must remember, less is more!

I have quite a large one ...pieris flaming silver growing in the  garden.  Looks good now but it's innthe spring when it comes alive with those  "spears dipped in blood" contrasting with white flowers.   Will post a picture too, if I remember too .  Looks ESP good  with blue corydalis at its feet 


I was very idle last yeat (wasn't well) and didn't empty my summer pots.  Early this year I discover that virtually all the plants had carried over, Fuchsia, pelargonium, nemesia, all had survived the mild winter and with a bit of a tidy up they were fine and I just had to add a few begonias.

I'm going to cut back the nemesia and put them in the greenhouse. I'm not keeping all the pelargoniums as I'm a bit bored with the colour but I would like to take cuttings from the cerise one although Ive never done it before.  I'm not sure whether to keep the fuchsia in tact or to take cuttings. Either way can't do it until I return from hols and wondered if mid september was too late.

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