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Has anyone any ideas what I could plant in pots for some winter interest. 

Im thinking some cyclamen, crocus for early spring, followed by tulips later. Are there any nice colours that I could get by planting out anything else, although I know options are limited in winter. 


The winter pansies or the smaller violas are easy to find and give colour all winter Jesse. They're very happy in pots. You can use small evergreens like Hebes - the rounded, 'ball' types like Green Globe are particularly good - and also evergreen grasses like Carex Evergold,  which you could group together to give a larger display. Heucheras/Heucherellas are good foliage plants and there are lots of colours from bright greens and golds to  dark purples - many of them have contrasting veining. They'll grow happily in containers and most of these are happy in shade - even the Hebes will be fine over winter but will appreciate being moved into some sun in spring and summer.

Hope that gives you a couple of ideas  

That's brilliant, there's more than enough to get me planning there. Thanks so much

Orchid Lady

I was wondering the same as I need to redo mine, thanks for asking Jesse and for the reply   FG, I have a Heucherlla I bought in offer the other week that has no home so that will be going in and I'm going to get some Cyclamen.....they seem quite expensive at the moment though?

Winter flowerimg heathers too.  Tough, easy and evergreen.  Winter foliage on vsrieties like foxhollow (yellow) and dark almost orange foliage on .ann Sparkes. Flowers too all through late winter into spring.

Ophiopogon nigrescens is a black grasslike plant that looks great in a terracotta pot.

Phormiums provide fantastic foliage colour .....vsrieties from almost white to yellow to pink to red .  

Euphorbias like Tasman tiger have white green foliage and rubra has dark plum foliage ....and both have yellow spring flowers

Shrubs like Daphnes will provide colourful evergreen foliage plus fantastic winter scent


Orchid Lady

That Euphorbia sounds nice Verdun, might look that up and Phormiums, thanks 

Not a fan of heathers though I'm afraid.


Always have some Phormiums for pots - can't think why I didn't mention those Verd -  I love them as you know. I have Cream Delight which was a present and it's particularly attractive - nice smallish mound - lovely in a really strong statement type pot. I can put a pic on  for you if you like Jesse.

I've never done Euphorbias in pots but they are always interesting as a foil for flowers.

OL - the diy stores often have little packs of 4 or 6  around this time of year - I'm sure GCs and nurseries will as well. I usually buy them that way. 

You know they can be quite tactile plants Orchid.  Many of us run our hands over a heather flowering over winter.   bright purple flowers on a cold snowy day?

I have a nice patch of heathers .......couple of pittosporum Tom thumb. (check this out too) and a silver grey mounded juniper with them .......making a nice winter scene.  I love em. 

Orchid Lady

Thanks FG, I will have a look and definitely getting a Phormium (or two).

Cyclamens always make me feel christmassy  (Oops sorry...I'm not allowed to say that)

Ive just had another thought, not grown them before but this year I am getting some. Hyacinths Jesse, the smell is amazing and I think they will be lovely in early spring 


Ornamental cabbages. Some people hate the look of them, but I find them attractive, and they change colour with the frosts.

Jack 3

This is an interesting thread, thanks for starting it. I too was wondering what I could do to make use of all the pots I filled with annuals this year, seems like there is lots of choice.

Victoria Sponge

I'm not sure what to do with my pots this winter Last year I put spring bulbs in but I had to wait so long for them to go over so I could plant out my summer bedding. 

Dunno whether to do the winter bedding thing, not much of which appeals to me, or buy some sale perennials and ignore the pots over winter...

I do have lots of ugly brown Heucheras after practising my splitting on one earlier this year...I suppose I could use them Actually they might look alright with a nice yellow wallflower...


I was thinking of putting a couple of Hellebores into pots with some winter pansies for the winter at the front of my house.  Do you think the leaves would looke good enough over the winter. 

Thanks for all the tips guys. I saw packs of six cyclamens in my local diy centre last week. I didn't  buy though as they are in full bloom. Surely they will have gone over by winter? I'll buy some in late October I think. 

I bought some lovely sized terracotta pots in my local supermarket, £5 each. I thought that was very reasonable. I'm gonna plant up two with cyclamens , two with crocus and I think the heather is a great idea. I saw a lovely white flowering one last winter in the local gc so I think I'll pick some up later in the season. Thanks for the tip. 

Euphorbias are lovely. I might have a  think about them. Never really thought them a winter plant though.  Just last week I bought two sedums and two sea Holly's. The sea Holly's hopefully will hold their lovely blue colour.  


Hello , with cyclamens make sure they are the "Hardy ones " , made that mistakes before and depeanding on the winter they might not survive 

got me thinking as well , sea holly , cabbage and heathers all seem nice


Very useful thread; FG, could you post that pic for us please?

I had the same issue and decided to try to brighten things up this winter. I second heathers and cyclamen.

I'm trying some heathers for their foliage (e.g. Calluna Vulgaris Firefly) and some for the flowers (e.g. Erica Carnea Challenger - which ok is technically a heath).

With the cyclamen, if you get some Hederifolium and some Coum, you should get quite a long season I think. At least, that's my plan.

Another thing that I'm trying is a winter honeysuckle such as Lonicera × purpusii 'Winter Beauty', which I'm trying up against the railing of my balcony. 


Just got; Hebe Green Globe x2, Winter pansies and 2 Heucheras to re-do some pots that were looking uninspired.


I've just planted some saffron crocuses in large terracotta pots, hopefully they'll flower November time.