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I have quite a few perennial plants in pots that need potting on. I normally do this early spring so that the new compost is fresh, but could it be done at the end of autumn when the plant has died off?

I always think that doing it at the end of autumn could encourage unwanted regrowth due to the extra nutrients in the new compost, or perhaps the extra nutrients could get washed out over winter?


I am just doing the perennials I grew from seed this Spring, but I would not do it much after the end of August. Once the plant has lost its top growth then all root activity stops as well and you would end up with a lot of empty soil round the outside of the pot. This could lead to trouble with sourness etc.

I have several plants in 9cm pots or even 1 litre pots that I pot on now. They make loads new growth but I agree with Berghill that potting on after end August is risky. I pot up tender perennials tho very late....often in overwinter in greenhouse. Here in Cornwall plants are still growing n flowering almost to December hence why I pot up late.

Thanks for the replies. I think I will wait until the end of next winter before potting them on.

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