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As long as they look healthy when you buy them then there should be no issues. Since these shops are focussed solely on selling and not on caring for plants there life expectancy is not as good as you might see in specialist garden centres. 

Roller Kate

Lidl's lily bulbs have always done well for me. I've also got a philidelphus, which also looked like a twig as well when purchased from the poundshop and has obviously taken longer to establish than if I'd bought a bigger specimen from a garden centre, but it is doing very well.  

Excitable Boy

Not quite a pound but I bought three herb plants for £5 in Morrisons weekend before last (Sage, varigated thyme and rosemary) and they were much stronger better established plants than I have seen at higher prices in garden centres.

sue taylor3

always had great success  with poundlands plants a lot of tlc involved a good soak before planting and really good food ,but you will see the effects of your efforts year in year out ,my pound roses have given me many years of pleasure .

so go on try you havn't much to lose at a pound .

i recently bought some plants from poundland and all of them are doing very well despite the fact that 2 days after planting them we had a few days of really cold wintry weather, and the mock orange already has large buds showing. also bought a packet of hollyhock seeds which have all sprouted (24), and are nearly ready to be potted up. so pleased with the bushes, as the soil in my garden is not good, but last year i used miracle gro quite a few times, and it has helped a lot.


Yes, Yes Yes go for distressed plants...9 out of 10 will reward you. Have had some wonderful successes ??  plants bought for 50p at a clear out sale have gone on to be wonderful features in the garden...When you buy..take home, repot and feed ..they will then start to grow and when big enough plant in the garden..have two wonderful  honeysuckles...bought as ;distresed plants' 4 years ago...growing and ready to flower again this year.  am sad that the big retailers don't  water a nd look after their plants !! often want the go a make a bid for the sad looking individuasls left on the shelf m!!!!

I got a honeysuckle from B&M for £1.79 - that is doing really well, I put it in where it will get the sun & climb the pergola yet have its base shaded.

I have a tribute to Woolworths in the shape of 2-for-a-pound Camillas, purchased c. 5 years ago. Pink one is well over 6' & brightens up my north-facing front garden, white I've kept potted so flowers v early. Reduced because they were dried out. Apparently ;)

ive bought plenty of plants from poundland and there doing well  peonies  buddleija weigielias pholixs  and  bulbs and seeds  tomatoes seeds 2 are coming on well in my greenhouse plus there compost is great value a pound per bag better than 3pound and  1.99 . loades of people have turned to poundland because of the way our finanices are now due to the meltdown in the ecconimy you can also get cornflakes and other foods there aswell for a pound and camping and gardening gear gloves  fencing plant feed veg seeds cloches pots for bedding  plants 1 pound for 5 trellises large pots aswell you couldnt beat that

I bought a Japonica from a pound shop about 12 years ago, it was no more than 2 twigs with about as many leaves - but I'm always up for a challenge!  kept it in a pot for a while, plenty of tlc and away she went 'grew like Topsy' - planted it out  and it has made a really good shrub, it's about 4' each way at present - have to be quite ruthless with it, it has been flowering for several weeks already and always has loads of really large 'fruit'.  Apart from all of that, along with various berberis (also from very small plants) - it keeps the cats off!!

Oh I love a bargain, and bought recently a hibiscus, forsythia, redwood.  States all are dormant till planted, just a few visible shoots showing, Well I planted them a few weeks back into large pots, and I'm pleased to say all are growing fantastically well. Bought all from Poundland, obviously £1 a go. Doing great at the moment.

It's really interesting to hear everyone's feedback. On balance it would appear that the overriding view is that inexpensive plants bought from supermarkets / pound shops can be great value- if you are prepared to put a bit of work in. Living in Surrey / London where in most average nurseries a plant will set you back on average 4.99 - 8.99 this is great news! I will continue rummage!

Morrisons used to be a happy hunting ground for me but this year they have converted their canopy into a mini garden centre and prices have gone up to pay for it.  However they are still cheaper than the average garden centre and fruit trees at £5 were less than Wilkinsons and Tesco!  I find markets are worth keeping an eye on as well but if you can obtain cuttings there is a definite sense of achievement when planting out in the border.  I have even been given seeds when passing gardens and admired owners plants. 

I have bought dahla tubers  from the pound shop for the past couple of years and have jut been in for more I bring them on in the greenhouse and they do well


Haggled over a sorry looking,bare rooted 6ft Rowan tree in Aldi a few weeks ago. Got it for £3. Gave it a good soak before planting, dug a generous hole with added muck, staked, watered and mulched it and tah dah - now in leaf and looking great.

Oh I get so much satisfaction and pleasure from such a buy!



I bought 1 summer fruiting raspberry cane from a boot-fair four or five years ago for £1 and now have 30 largest canes ready to fruit this year. Its rampant stuff!

Today I bought four boxed perennials from B&Q at a reduced price of 50p each! Since I have a nicely filled garden and am currently on a budget (I brought a total of 8 different plants for £12) I can indulge in the sickly specimens as well as propagating single specimens to my heart's content, patiently awaiting their splendour in two or three years which is fine by me because it takes me that long to place them!

Hi, I have had a lot of success with bulbs- daffodils, hyacinths and tulips bought from Wilkinsons and their prices are very good. 

I bought some veronica spicata and geranium pratense last year from CJ Wildbird for only a few pence each and all have hung on and are doing well!
rosie plum

and dont forget to divide any perennials that you buy, before potting on...ok it will set back the growth of the plant but by dividing and repotting first you at least increase your yield to four times and they benefit from this so much....also sweetpea pots are usually several baby can get such value for money by potting each seedling on

Aha, maybe I am missing a trick by not growing on poundland plants in pots first. I'm having mixed success with my purchases. Forsythia romping away, iris coming up but no sign of life from the anenomes or lilly-of-the-valley I put into the borders. The climbing rose I bought was zapped by frost and I think it's dead.