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Rob Stevens
I live in a rented house and because of this am reluctant to sink too much money into someone else's garden. I'm fairly new to gardening, but I've been having a reasonable amount of success with cheap plants. Reduced stuff from B&Q or Homebase seems to do ok - I've got some nice heathers that I got 6 of for 50p, and very rapidly growing African violet in the house that was nearly dead when I bought it. I'm also seeing the first batch of Poundland summer bulbs and seed mixes starting to come up. My Poundland sweetpeas are doing brilliantly! As previous posters have said, Morrisons seem to be quite good for cheap stuff.
seaside oldie

Invested 29p on a packet of Snapdrogon seeds from Lidl and now have 25 healthy seedlings, surely the cheapest plants out there?


Tis great reading all the success stories of plants successfully grown from purchases at the various pound stores, but a word of warning, if your wife is anything like mine don't take her with you, or you could end up with 30 quids worth of stuff that you don't actually need but was a bargain...


I bought a tayberry some 4 years ago from one of the cheaper supermarkets for 99p. I planted it and now it gives me a wealth of fruit every year. Just cos some plants cost more doesnt always mean they are of higher quality or will perform any different. Just some common nouse needs to be applied when buying.


I bought 4 clematis at £1.85 each 2 years ago and they are good healthy plants that flowered really well last year. Just a bit of patience required and a little TLC as the plants usually have not had the best of starts in some of these shops.


my poundland daffs flowered beautifully for the first 2 years, but this year and last year i got 3 flowers from the hundred bulbs that i planted. Perhaps all the rain rotted them in the ground? have just come in from planting 50 gladdies, 25 freesias and some irises. We'll see how they do!


Hi Caroline I've bought freesias from poundland which last year I planted outside - they did nothing and the bulbs are still in the ground but look exactly the same as before I planted them   Bought some more this year which I have planted into tubs in the greenhouse and some irises which went outside. Will be interested to hear how yours grow

Secret Squirrel

Bought a 'hanging basket seed collection' from Home Bargains for 74p. The packet boasted, '6000' seeds! About a third germination and now only six plants made it finally to the hanging basket and are getting really big. So in the end, six plants for 74p! still a bargain. Cant tell you what their are, the packet got thrown away by mistake.

I never had any success with Poundland seeds. I have had success with Wilko seeds

Bought veg seeds from poundstretcher once but they were poor.  I only now buy well known brands of seeds.

Have bought lily bulbs from these places and they grew but were small and not the best quality, even now when mature. For sundries.....string, bean nets, pellets,,etc., and for many other producs poundland, etc., are excellent value. 


I bought a hollyhock in poundland a couple of weeks ago, think it was called 'peaches and cream' really pretty on the packet. It showed some growth so I popped it in the ground but it slowly gave up. I then tried to rescue it by putting it into a pot but too late. Ok so it's only £1... I did think about buying another but they were all dried up and looked like they'd been there for ages. I think you have to inspect before you buy but in our local £land the plant packs are behind the tills so you can't get to them - is this a way of getting you to spend that extra pound??

Excitable Boy

I bought some dahlia tubers from poundland this year, but they appear to be dead. Some chili plugs from Aldi at 99p for 6, on the other hand, are thriving. I think it may be best to just buy plugs or young plants.


Not plants as such but recently purchased 4 packs of seeds for 99p.Larkspur,nasturtiums,cosmos and signet marigolds.Each of which would have been £1.99 in my local co-op so a bargain of the highest order.


I bought a red peony from Wilkos this spring - it was marked down to 50p because it had started to shoot in the packet.  I brought it home, potted it up and it's doing fine - a lovely healthy plant - it'll probably take a couple of years before it flowers, but what a bargain 

Bought 2 rudbeckias from poundland some weeks ago, potted them up to help them on their way.  Waste of time, never came to anything. 

One did have a small shoot. Trouble is it's a job to see them in the packet which is sealed.

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