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Can anybody suggest an indoor plant Xmas present,that can be planted outdoors after Xmas?(please not a Xmas tree)
Thank you,but I did that last year!

A variegated ivy, such as "Goldheart".


flowering rose

cyclamen are good option as they like out doors better and they will come up every year.


What a fantastic choice from T & M. No need for more suggestions!

thank's chilli lover ,problem solved. have ahoy Xmas

smada_1, have a what Christmas? Is this a nautical term?  Anyway, assuming it is of a generous nature, you have one too!!  Meantime, a very happy Christmas and joyful new year to all our friends here on the forum.  

A properly potted Christmas tree

There are lots of Christmas roses, hellebores, on sale at the moment. They are glorious indoors for a while before planting out.

Happy Christmas everyone and a good gardening year ahead!

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