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i have discovered some beautiful wild primroses growing in a stone wall in my garden. I would love to propagate these and plant more along the area. I'm reluctant to dig up and divide the plants as they are tucked within  the old stones. Can I grow new plants from cuttings? If not, how do I collect seeds?



Have a look at this:

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, it is illegal to dig up any wildflowers anywhere in the UK. We can still pick a flower or collect a few seeds or take a small cutting of common wildflowers, but only if there are plenty of plants there. There are details of the law on the The Wild Flower Society website, and they also have a Code of Conduct which complies with the law.


You won't need to collect the seeds JW, they'll seed around on their own


If the plants in question are on your own property then you may dig them up. However as you say they are tucked away in a wall then seed is the best option. Keep your eye on the plants and collect the seed when it seperates easily from the seed pod. Sow straight away in ordinary cojpost, put somewhere shay and keep moist. Do not bury the seed, it is best surface sown. It should berminate the following Spring.

Or just throw the seed on the soil at the base of the wall and let nature take its cours.

hollie hock

They pop everywhere here, they will spread


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