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Sue Higham
Have been researching for planting a new privet hedge using the bare root system, using the recommended 3-5 plants per metre. If anyone out there has done the same I'd be grateful for info on how long it took for the plants to resemble a hedge! Thankyou ...
Gary Hobson

I've never planted a bare root privet hedge. But privet does grow fast, about a foot per year. Mature plants will put on up to 3 feet a year. You'll be able to see that it's a hedge within 12 months.


We planted 2 such hedges ( one green privet and one a mix of green and gold ) in 2006. We bought bare root plants ( Hopesgrove nurseries, or some similar name - they advertise in magazines and are in Kent) which were about 60cms ( 2ft) tall. We planted in November and they had begun to grow and bush out by the next summer. By summer 2008 they were more than double in height and by the start of 2009 ( 2 1/2 yrs) they were very bushy and 6' tall, which is where we kept them. They are still very healthy plants and are great hedges. We did a double row of planting, staggering the plants - one of the best things we ever did 

Sue Higham
Thanks, Lowenna ... that's very encouraging! We do have established (70-odd years old) privet hedges in other parts of the garden but are about to replace a 6' tall Lleylandii hedge which is dying (YAY!!!). We live just outside Edinburgh, so I suspect a new privet hedge may take a little longer than yours in Cornwall to give us back the privacy that the Lleylandii provided, but perhaps not! Only 16 months ago I planted a mixed hedge - hazel, guelder rose and sloe gin to reinforce an old hawthorn hedge and it has raced away ecstatically
Sue Higham
PS ... thanks to Gary, as well!

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