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What is the best way to do this? I've read it can be done by division or cuttings but can't find how to take cuttings.



Which geraniums have you got tattiana? Most of them can be pulled apart. There will be leaves and roots on all the pieces, you've got new plants already. I've never resorted to cuttings though some of my pullings apart had very little root

Yes I'd go with nut, or you could try seed if they have produced any flowers. Some will self seed by themselves.


Wouldn't bother with cuttings either. They are so easy to split and clump up pretty quickly. 


Totally agree with Nutcutlet,one of the easiest plants to grow from quite small sections of plant.



Ok thank you all. I believe the plant I have is geranium phaeum. I'll have a look at the plant tomorrow and see if I can pull something off it. I pressume now is as good a time as any to do this?????

Thanks again for your advice & I'll let you know how it goes 


Yes pulling the clump apart & replanting the pieces is by far the easiest way to go.

No need for rooting compound, just insert the bit of stem around the edge of a pot of moist MP/cutting compost & as long as there are some small roots attached to it success pretty well guarenteed. No need to cover the pot.

Put the pot under half cover- eg piece of glass leaning against a wall- or in a coldframe & not in full sun.

If there are several small plants of the same variety growing nearby then it's probably a self-seeder, so the 'babies' can be potted up individually & moved or given away. J.

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