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I know that these can be split once a good clump has formed but have not tried seeds, and wondered how easy this is?

And can root cuttings be taken to bring on new plants too?

I have a good selection of crescendo variety and want to build up a good supply for next year but will probably need to let them grow over winter and then try next summer I suspect?


You can divide small,clumps too, of course, AJK.  Very small pieces can be replanted or,potted up.  Yes, seeds too.  I would sow in early spring


i would sow  outside and expect them to germinate in spring.

I assume crescendo is a cultivar, you may not get exactly the same. If you want exactly the same do as Verdun suggests. If there's a bit of root and something green at the top you've got a plant.



Actually I would have sowed them fresh but now will do fine

Great, will give it a go at potting on small bits of them. Have done this very successfully with some primulas which grow extremely well into clumps.



I'd have sown them fresh as well and covered them in grit and left them outside all winter.  You'd have loads of little plants come Spring 


But if you wanted to sell them as 'Crescendo' you'd have to divide them. Seeds will be any old primula. I think AJK wants plants to sell



Ah didn't realise they were for selling Verdun.... 

Only some Verdun, I do like to keep a good stock to keep my garden looking good throughout the year.

This is the first year that I have done really well at car boots and fares and even branched out into the world of ebay for the first time as a seller but maybe much of the success was down to the good weather!

If only I could sustain it through the year and then go part time in work. How much better would life be doing what you enjoy doing!

Will definately take a good look at the polyanthus over the weekend, but many of them are flowering away at the moment!


 I won't say anything if you won't! Last time I had the plant police out it was only tomatoes in the greenhouse thankfully........


Well, I wouldn't advertise them on eBay as Crescendo then - the big companies won't be at all happy 

Oh no, these won't be on e-bay - just local sales pre planted in troughs etc. I restrict the online stuff to items that can be posted without too much cost for p&p - small bulbs and lily tubers for instance.

Well, I hope you make a packet AJK.    I have a feeling you will do very well

Thought about penstemons?    Cuttings root easily from all over the plant and everybody loves penstemons.  I used to sell plants and penstemons were very popular and profitable  Along with osteospermums



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