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I have a rare white-flowering variegated buddleia. It's sterile, so no new plants every year, but it's still vigorous and healthy. I've tried taking cuttings which died fairly quickly. Does anyone have any good tips that they could share? I'd really love to have more shrubs to share with friends; everyone that sees it falls in love with it! Thanks!


Cuttings aren't my strong point but I'd take hardwood cuttings now, young shoot cuttings in spring (as soon as there are some) and more cuttings later on through the summer. Something will take I'm sure.

flowering rose

I love buddleias,I have a few different shades and did have a double yellow could try just stick cuttings and see what happens but being sterile it might revert back to the original.

As nutcutlet says, try cuttings now and through the year, several round the edge of a pot filled with a sharp sand/compost mix, and try some in a greenhouse and some outdoors. These things (Buddleia) are usually very keen to reproduce themselves!

God luck


Thank you all for your suggestions! I'll keep at it then.  


Hi Sean, did you have any luck? Was thinking of trying it too.

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