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hello i'm thinking of purchacing an electric proporgator for christmas has anyone got any suggestions for a good one. i only garden on a small scale dont want to spend too much money but would like a quality one  thanks

Jean Genie

Hi Oscar - I got a Garland from Amazon and paid around £30 . It has 6 good deep trays which are vented and I'm really pleased with it. Someone has also given me a huge one which is in the garage but I haven't tried that one yet.

The Garland one is ample for me but I 'm looking forward to trying the other one out. If I can find some room for it that is .


I have a wndow ledge one. Suits me fine and had it for a few years now.

If posible buy one with a temperatur control , and be prepared to wait at least a year for any cutting to :Take:


If you buy one check out the length of flex.  Some companies are dead mean.  And also check it will take the size of trays you will be using.


Ok thanks for all your help

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