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Hi folks, I have used an unheated propagator in the past and managed to raise a few plants here and there. I have just bought a heat mat and today I planted 5 desert rose seeds into some of those little jiffy pod thingymabobs, placed them in a plastic box with lid and put it on the heat mat

Now for the main question: If one germinates before the others, do i remove the lid and just hope the others catch up or do i remove the germinated one from the box and leave the other ones till they have also germinated. I really hope someone understands what im going on about because im starting to confuse myself.. Any advice appreciated



Alina W

Take seedlings out of the box as they germinate, or they'll grow too tall in the heat.


You only really need the heat to germinate seeds or to give cuttings a start-so once the seed has germinated remove to a cooler spot to grow on-leaving the others in the propagator

Is that what you wanted to know?-leaving them in the propagator will make them grow leggy


Can I butt in here, I have some seedlings in my propagotor that germinated quickly but have never grown or produced true leaves, should I take them out?


Alina W

I would. Put them in the brightest place that you have now. Which seeds are they?


Geoff - snap!


Thanks Alina I will move them. Chilean glory vine.

Alina W

They actually prefer it slightly cooler, I find, Kate - they may be too warm in your propagator.


Thanks for the tip, my first lot just shrivelled up after 6 weeks.

Thanks for your advice Geoff and Alina, that clarifies things for me now. Much appreciated

Kate I hope our glory vine comes up okay 



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