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Many thanks side the response KEF? 

would you advise taking a foot or so off the top and cutting the leggy branches that only have leaves at the end to half their size even if their are no buds or shoots?


I'd go with that. But will add I'm no expert. If you read back about the advice I was given, I did feed and water mine following pruning as per Verdun's advice.

I've just cut mine back, all the lovely new shoots got damaged by the awful weather we had so I got fierce with it and hacked off about 2/3 of the growth. This was only about a week ago and already the bush is looking much better. I never feed mine yet it still grows like mad so cutting it twice a year is the only way to stop it taking over that corner of the garden.

I think they are quite hard to kill!



Moved this up as it answers a lot of questions on a new post.

Just looking up this question again because my photinia is still pretty sad looking. I cut about 3 branches back at the time of this discussion (June or so), and they did absolutely nothing! They are only now showing the hint of new shoots at the end. So mine definitely did not respond to pruning with enthusiasm.

On a different issue, however: the leaves are now completely covered with spots. Is this normal for winter, or should I rush to the garden centre for a treatment?

Thanks to all.


I've got a Photinia which is about 7 feet tall.  It's got a long naked trunk and then a ball of growth at the top.  Just moved into the house so presume it hasn't been pruned in a while.  Would like to make it look more like a bush than a pompom on a long stalk.  How should I prune it?  There are no leaves or hints of new shoots on the long naked trunk.  I've heard that Photinia's should be pruned from the top, but not sure that'll work here.  Advice please!!

my tree has been cut completely back no leaves were left on  just skeleton will it grw again

When is a good time of year to do the first prune? When all the frosts have finished or doesn't it matter with these red robins?


The Photinia we have is kept well trimmed2 or 3 times throughout the growing season and doesn't seem to mind.

Just bought a Photina Pink Marble but confused from foregoing whether one should prune before or after flowering. Does it flower on new season's growth? Should one wait till after risk of frost?

Hi, I bought a Photinia Red Robin in 2014 and put it in a suitable pot and soil. It seemed to thrive despite almost immediately it had something chewing it, but I couldn't find anything. I didn't prune it the first year and this week I decided to prune it because it was looking leggy without foliage low down, without consulting any books etc, so I'm not sure if I have done the right thing. Having read the correspondance here, I think it's ok. Perhaps more should come off.??

Jocelyn - I think these have a reputation for being tricky if conditions aren't right for them. They seem to need good, free draining soil and a reasonably sheltered position if possible, and a decent amount of sun to do their best. In a pot, they're like most plants and need more attention - replacing some of the soil each spring and making sure they have adequate food and water. It may well need to be potted on too - the roots might be restricted.  

You might be best to start a new thread and if you can add a pic of the shrub that will help with more advice too.  

Thanks Fairygirl, I appreciate your suggestions. J.A.

I hacked mine down to a stump to remove it after it did not perk up ( see above) it is now 3' tall and lovely and red 


Threats of violence are often the best way KEF....



I have so often found that to be true Fairy  I'm speaking my best speak 

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