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Is it to late in year to prune a Salix Flamingo ( hakuro nishiki).  I've looked at a couple of websites and they say Mar-Apl, after last frosts. Well, here in Staffordshire we are only just clear of the time for frosts, although it is several weeks since we actually had one.  Many thanks, Mags


Sounds like the right time to me.

Anyone else got a view?

thanks Dove.  That's the answer I hoped to get! Mags

Don't prune too hard.  Is it a standard or bush?  Whatever, pruning is same, Viz., to get a nice bushy head.  Cut back all dead tips to healthy buds on each stem....I tend towards healthy buds lower down.  All dead twigs removed.  Easy really.  Then a good feed.  

thanks to you both.  sorry for delay in reply - been away.  mags



Mags it will need a trim or you won't get the lovely new colours.

Yes KEF, thanks you.  That's why I was asking about pruning it.  That reason, and it is getting too bit on one side. Mags

Can I trim my Salix it's grown really bushy and straggly 29th August.

I originally asked about pruning on behalf of my neighbour .  I can tell you that he seems trim bits off any time of the year to keep it in shape, and if he trims the tips regularly it will encourage new growth that are the bits that will colour up pink. They seem to be quite tough little trees.  Good luck with it. Mags

With further thought, you should probably not prune until spring.  If you prune it now it may encourage new growth which would possibly be too tender for the winter.  If you can bear to leave it - wait and do it about April.  I would do that here in Staffordshire, anyway.  Bye, Mags

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