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I have several hardy Fushias in borders, normally at this time of year they are just sticks here in the NE. However they are still flowering well, the problem is they are under planted with crocus which are now poking their noses out,about inch and a half high. I'm not sure what to do for the best, if I prune the Fushias now might that spur them into re growing too soon ie soft new buds/shoots not sure if they would get frost damaged if temperatures drop over the next few weeks. Any thoughts appreciated. Just out of interest it's not too bad here today 6C dull and overcast but OK for working outdoors.


I prune my hardy fuschias in autumn.  It's a difficult one because I would prefer in a colder area to prune back in a month's time rather than right now.  

Fuschias are tough plants though ....maybe prune back half way or so for,??ou to see your crocus better but then prune again later?  

Thanks for the prompt reply Verdun, I just realised the problem as I was coming back indoors this afternoon and didn't have a really good look...back had given up! I'll have a closer look next time I'm out and do some part cutting back for now. So strange to see summer flowering plants and snowdrops together. Oh I nearly forgot the cowslips too. Mind you I'd still settle for a mild winter any day I lost too many plants last year.


It's difficult isnt it?  Plants comtinue to grow and expand before you know it. Last week a group,of snowdrops that were visible last year are now obscured by an orange geum so I had to move my snowdrop clump to a more prominent spot.  Plants don't understand that they need to,share the spotlight sometimes.  


I have several, i prune at the end of Feb, if they are in the way you could trim them back a bit, you wont trigger them into growing before their season is due. If the weather follows last few years pattern, they will slow down and drop the leaves anyway. They are tough old things, i dont think you can hurt them either way.


I mulch mine with used potting compost. Its easily moved if you have bulbs coming up in the meantime, and the bulbs can poke through it easily. I don't cut them back till the spring.

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