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I would like to shorten my varigated holly by about 2 feet.  Would this do it any harm?

How tall is to start with?

I have a garden I have recently bought which has 3 hollies on the boundary, all in the shade of a mature tree, and all looking pretty sickly.  It's a bit like the "daddy bear, mummy bear, baby bear" scenario, with all in various poor states of growth and health.

I'm guessing your holly is on a boundary, which is why you want to shorten it.  My personal vote is 'go for it'.  If it sickens or dies you can always replace it with something else.  If it doesn't, then 'job done'.  If you leave it, it will become an irritaton to you, and possibly also to your neighbour.  There is much truth in the old saying "good fences make good neighbours".


Gary Hobson

Hollies (at least the common non-variegated variety) tend to be very robust and vigourous.

I've cut such trees down, to ground level, and they regrow.

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