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A bit of a novice gardener here so please forgive the silly questions.

We have an established Mahonia in the back garden.  It must be 8-9 foot tall consisting of 3 main stems and seems very lanky compared to others that I've seen.  I was wondering what the advide would be about cutting it back in order to promote a better spread.  My first inclination would be to saw it back to half height and see what happens.  

Also if I am to prune it when is the appropriate time?

Any advice would be appreciated.  



You can actually cut them back to almost ground level, if you need to. The ones at Bodnant Gardens were really hack back a few years ago and they are back up to 6 feet already.

Since they are Winter flowering shrubs, pruning now would remove the flowers. The best time would be in April.

Thanks again.  I'll be getting aggresive with it next year then.

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